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Fenix Glass Films deals with all the glass filming work and help keep the fragment intact. We work on all the different types of films like Sun Control Film, Frosted Film, Decorative Film, One-Way Vision, All Color Vinyl and Sparkle Frosted Film. We are also specialists in Customized Designing, Frosted Cutting Design and Sun Controlled Filming & also deals with brands like 3M Garware and AI.

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Frosted Film

Frosted Glass Film creates privacy and a pattern glass effect - play with light and colours in your interiors, Upgrade your interior ambiance - The frosted glass effect can also be achieved by the application of vinyl film,  glass surface.

Decorative Film

Decorative Window Films are self-adhesive films that come in different patterns and shades. Virtually any flat glass surface can be transformed into a work of art with decorative window film: from a bedroom and home office – to a bathroom, den, kitchen, entryway, skylight, garage door, basement window and more!

Sun Control

Reduces heat indoors, controls the brightness of sunlight, and protects furnishing from fading due to UV rays. 
The dark film gives privacy in your home - keep your curtains open during daytime
Gives a clean and modern look in Offices / Schools / Home / Hospitals / Restaurants etc,
Last 4+ years without fading - The film is made of high-quality durable material - reduce heat and controls the brightness of sunlight.

Color Vinyl & White Board Film

Color vinyl films are a premium wrapping film. Specially engineered for interior and exterior surfaces, Available in a variety to fit just about any custom project from Residential to commercial signage, this film is UV stable. With a Solid Color finish that helps improve the depth of the finished wrapped surface, it will keeping your wrap surface concealed. Heat conformable, this film can be applied to just about any hard surface with simple to extreme curves. When your looking to give your project a Solid Color look.




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